How long does it take to ship?

I ship with USPS First Class which takes 3-5 business days


    How long does it take to process my order?

    2-3 business days


      What are the earring posts made of?

      Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel that is Nickel and Lead Free


        What are the chains made of?

        Gold chains = 14k gold plated
        Silver snake & link = Stainless steel
        Bronze snake & link = Non-tarnish brass


          What are the earrings and pendants made of?

          Porcelain clay with metallic luster painted on top and then fired on


            How do I take care of the jewelry?

            If the bare clay (white part) gets dirty you can wash it gently with soap and water. It's ok to get water on the metallic part as well. I wouldn't recommend swimming or showering in the jewelry. The luster is fired on and has a clear protective coat over top, but it's a very thin layer, so be kind to the jewelry and it will stay brighter longer.


              Is the jewelry fragile?

              Sometimes. The larger the piece the more fragile it is when dropped. Normal day activities will be just fine. You'd have to really put some effort in to break the earrings, but if you drop a larger pendant onto a hard floor, well...that most likely won't turn out well for you.


                Do you make custom orders?

                Yes and no. I can put together custom listings of products I already make for large orders such as bridesmaid's jewelry, large gift sets, etc. I don't make custom pieces not already in my shop, but I'm constantly experimenting with new shapes and colors. If you'd like to see a new style, let me know and I'll look into adding that for the future.