Meet the Maker

You know when people say something is handmade? And then you find out that someone in a factory in Bangladesh used their hands to make it. I always feel kind of cheated by that.


In my work, I care about not only handmade, but artisan crafted. Each piece of jewelry from hiCeramics is handcrafted by me, the artist. I touch each piece at least 10 times throughout the making process. And it's just me. One maker. And as much as I love handmade art, who can afford astronomical prices? Uh, artist here, so not me!


My goal is to create beautiful, functional jewelry that doesn't break the bank. And this stuff is for all occasions. You can wear these nuggets to the park, the office, out to dinner, or at a formal reception. And because they are handmade, they are literally one of a kind.